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Kiraay Center

In my last post, I was talking about my pregnancy experience (if you haven't read it yet, it's over here: click here).

I discovered the center during an open day on the occasion of World Wellness Day. I immediately liked the atmosphere: a little tasting on cushions and mats, a foot massage offered, a nice discussion on the importance of well-being, especially in our African societies. At the same time, I discovered the Preggy Care program there. This space deserves to be known because the people who are there and the services offered are just exceptional.

The Kiraay center

Kiraay, which means protection or cover in Wolof, really is the perfect name for this therapy and wellness center. Since May 2021, the center has opened its doors for our greater good. I was surprised to discover that this is the first private psychotherapy center in Senegal.

I am a big fan of Self Care and the words that best describe the Kiraay center: Gentleness, Serenity, Appeasement, Benevolence. Before going into the details, here is a small overview of the founders.

Behind Kiraay, a Mother-Daughter duo

Ms. Fall Fatou Waly Diop, head of the Kiraay center and co-founder with her daughter Mame Toni Fall, was in the medical field for a long time before becoming more interested in the psychological aspect of supporting the patients she met. She is a psychotherapist specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy and a life coach.

Trained as a biologist, she returns to studies to have and implement more suitable tools to deal with certain states of distress that she has observed during her practice. After having acquired certifications in family therapy, psycho-traumatology, NLP* and systemic therapy, she works as a volunteer in child psychiatry in supporting families and sets up the Kiraay center.

* Neuro Linguistic Programming

Mame Toni Fall, doctoral student in medicine and perinatal companion, forms a great team with her mother and has been on the same path. Having noticed a lack of tools to help future mothers during her medical studies, she also acquired certifications in perinatal support, perinatal care for mothers and babies, etc. In 2019, she created Preggycare, a birth preparation program for the mother or the couple, at home. Very quickly, the network expanded and the need for a framework became apparent. The partnership for the Kiraay center is born.

The main objective was to create a 'safe space' in order to develop the concept of well-being in all aspects. Kiraay then becomes a different, more relaxed and convivial setting to settle down, exchange views, and above all to feel better whatever the state in which you find yourself, to feel a bit like at home. But with professionals who can accompany us in the spa confidentiality and in a certain intimacy to answer problems.

Kiraay is also a whole team of professionals behind, with masseuses, sports coaches. psychiatrists, psychologists and a physiotherapist. I met a few members of the team and the service I received was always impeccable. They are all like the co-founders.

My personal experience

Ms. Fall is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. How not to confide in her as a psycho-therapist with such an aura.

I have always been suspicious of psychotherapists in Senegal because of the culture of the country, and the value judgments, but by meeting her, she reconciled me with this a priori.

As for Mame Toni, who accompanied me during my pregnancy, I cannot tell you how available she was throughout and even afterwards!

The childbirth preparation classes were beautiful moments of complicity and exchange for my husband and I, with really useful information and advice and practice.

And they really helped us for the big day. hubby was ready! and he handled the situation like a pro :) I advise future parents to do these sessions together.

The services

Kiraay offers a full range of services and activities for the care of body and mind.

  • Sport (yoga, afrofitness, gym, kanga training, pilates etc)

  • Physiotherapy: therapeutic massages on medical prescription, specialized massages

  • Massages: the traditional “damp”, relaxing massage, prenatal massage, suction cup, hot sand, foot massage

  • Therapeutic baths

  • Coaching: more in productivity and efficiency, in personal development, in business

  • Therapies: work on oneself, group therapies, individual, family, couple, company therapies at the level of communication

I particularly like the regular events they organize in the form of discussions, afterworks like the “rathieu” every 3 months.

For example the rathieu dibi: a relaxed evening with buffet and animation in the form of discussion, counts, slams, poetry, songs, etc. The objective of these events is to decompress and let go.

I myself participated in a perinatal 'rathieu' less than 3 weeks before my delivery and I loved this afternoon: it was a cocktail around birth and parenthood.

The center also has special programs:

Preggy care which I myself experienced with my husband. It is a program of preparation for birth, parenthood and postpartum (post-delivery, fitness, etc.). This program is for future parents, new parents, those who have children (infancy until the first year or even the second year of the baby).

Maturity care is a program from the age of 45, for peri-menopause. There are discussion groups to share experiences and tips for this stage of life. There is also personalized coaching according to each person's situation, whether it is a professional retraining, adaptation to a new lifestyle, changes to the body (rehabilitation of the perineum, sport, etc.).

In short, a place to know!

The Kiraay center is located in Sacré Coeur 1 and open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

You can contact them on these numbers:

Kiraay: 76 832 8888

For Therapy, 77 571 1998 to maintain anonymity and protect client confidentiality.

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