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Escape Coworking

Dernière mise à jour : 16 mars 2023

The concept of coworking spaces is still very little known in Dakar. On the other hand, this is changing, especially because the need is growing and some have understood it!

Escape Coworking Space is proof of that.

I discovered this space when it opened and I was immediately won over. It's the perfect framework for people like me who work in several fields at the same time and need a space to be more focused and productive.

« We help entrepreneurs overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship by helping them grow through a calm and inspiring space, training, and networking opportunities so that they can achieve the desired results. An environment made for entrepreneurs on their way to success. »

Aicha, the co-founder tells us all about this new space, and why you need it.

Aicha Ndir, Co-founder

«I work out of passion, when I'm not passionate about what I do, I can't put the work. »

Passionate about entrepreneurship, she always wanted to have her own brand of hair products. She started with her brand She Is, created 3 years ago, and which was a great success. She had to put this activity on hold when she had her baby.

“Given the difficulties encountered as an entrepreneur through She is, I wanted to create Escape to support entrepreneurs, and above all to guide them."

Most entrepreneurs are lost and don't know where to start or the steps.

It already starts with a productive place that will inspire them, then there are afterworks nearby to help them with networking. Then there are the accelerated trainings to help them develop their business, etc. and that's the concept of Escape Coworking, a concept that continues to evolve.

Why "Escape"

“I was going through personal issues and I needed a space that allowed me to escape all day and be focused on something other than thinking about my problems. To focus on myself and my goals to achieve”.

The idea was to look for a productive, comfortable, “cosy” place, calm, and comfortable because she does not like the traditional strict office environment.

In addition to She Is, She used to work in marketing, and needed a place to work with her interns.

Her brother, who is co-founder, gave her the idea to create the space she wanted instead of looking for it, and so instead of paying, she could use it and at the same time earn by renting it. 3 days later, the space was found and the lease signed. For the decoration, Aicha wanted different atmospheres for each room. It took her 2 months to do all the decorating and officially open the doors. Escape Coworking started before she could even complete the business plan. Escape Coworking has been open for 7 months now.

At first, the plan was to make it a coworking space, but people liked the concept and wanted more. As a result, more and more services are being added, with more tools such as partnerships with structures specializing in project management, marketing, business creation, etc.

Today the mission of Escape Coworking is to provide entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to achieve their goals. Aicha's goal: everything entrepreneurs need, they can find it at Escape. It can be through the framework, training, project management, etc.

The Services provided

To work on a project, hold a group meeting, or finish an internship report, Escape is the perfect setting and at an affordable price. There are formulas for the day and subscriptions for the week or for the month, including quality wifi, meeting room, coffee and tea available, kitchen area to heat up your own meal if necessary, outdoor parking, swimming pool and even breakfast options offered. In addition, it is a networking space with training and other events organized as themed afterworks.

For early 2023, the focus for the future events will revolve around the following themes: project management, financial analysis, accounting and marketing in partnership with specialists in each field. More surprises are to come.

Escape Coworking is available on Instagram, Linked-in and Facebook, and their website will soon be available for all other services offered.

Long-term for Escape: Coworking differently

In the immediate future, new larger space will open in March: the 2nd Escape with studio space for rent for those who want to create content in photos or videos.

The goal is to have a chain of Escape coworking spaces especially for entrepreneurs in Dakar, then in other regions of Senegal and finally in the African sub-region. Also, Aicha wants to set up a synergy system, so that there is as little money circulating as possible: some entrepreneurs do not necessarily have the means, the idea would be the exchange of services at exact value.

My personal experience

I had the opportunity to work at Escape and attend one of their afterworks. The exchanges and encounters that take place there are truly enriching and conducive to creativity. If I need to get away for a quiet day to work on my current projects, I think the idea of just going to pay for the day and getting comfortable to work is great.

Other surprises are to come, but in the meantime, go test it and you won't regret it!

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