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Call me Mommy Ama

“Deciding to have a child is accepting that your heart separates from your body and walks by your side forever. »

Katharine Hadley

February 23, I decide to eat the Madd that I left in the fridge, and when I take the first spoon, I have a lot of nausea. That's when I found out.

Those who know me know that the madd and me, it's a long love story, I can live off it and eat it non-stop without ever getting sick. So that the madd makes me nauseous is more than unusual.

Then I want to rationalize and tell myself it's my period coming and I go to my first boxing class at Fight Club, I give it my all and I'm super motivated for my next sessions.

The doubt persists on the other hand, so I will buy 2 pregnancy tests and I have my confirmation.

the next day we were already at the doctor to be really sure lol.

This pregnancy was not planned but what a nice surprise! I tried to make the most of this adventure and to live each stage in the best possible way.

In my new resolutions for 2022, I had planned so many new projects. But the first quarter decided otherwise. The first 3 months were just a series of vomiting, constant nausea and fatigue. In fact, I don't even know if I should say tired. I was just sleeping all the time. Literally. Having all that at the same time and not feeling like you're pregnant is a bit frustrating lol. By this I mean that we know we are pregnant, but we do not feel the belly yet, nor baby, we just feel sick. 0 productivity, and I just couldn't stay focused.

Also, bursting into tears all of a sudden and crying your heart out with no apparent trigger, I wasn't a fan of those moments.

My poor husband handled it all very well without ever seeming lost or annoyed.

I was really relieved to move on to the second trimester! less fatigue, I even found myself as before the pregnancy and I resumed my activities of the day.

I didn't gain any extra weight, just my growing belly!

And the weight of that!

I very quickly started waddling (the famous duck walk).

But it really went too fast! I didn't feel the third trimester coming.

In the end I was at the end of my life, but contrary to what everyone told me: "at some point you just want to give birth because you'll be fed up", the fear of childbirth itself passed very quickly my annoyance for the weight and fatigue.

I, who am Mrs. Google, did not try to read everything or know everything about the slightest thing that happened, which allowed me to be much less anxious and to just follow the pregnancy process more serenely.

I can say, from my experience, that a good part of the pregnancy went well thanks to my darling! Just the presence and the psychological support helped me enormously to get through the difficult times and to feel good about myself despite everything.

Without forgetting the “date night”, the breakfasts in bed, the many massages to overcome muscle pain, contractions and other inconveniences.

Another valuable help I received was the valuable advice and support from Mame Toni with PreggyCare at the Kiraay center. I'll tell you more about it next week with the next article.

For all future moms, if I have a lesson that I learned from my childbirth, each pregnancy / childbirth is a unique experience for each woman, so do not take everything you hear about childbirth at its word. When it is explained by another person, it may seem borderline traumatic (episiotomy and others), but at the moment, it is not as extreme as one imagines.

Garmy Iliana Rupert is here and is already 1 month and 6 days old! This miniature human being brightens up our days. I have never been so fascinated by a baby. Well it's a bit normal, it's mine lol. I still have flashes of the delivery, which went very well. I still can't believe I had a baby, I gave birth!!!! Low and more!!! The birthing videos I saw that shocked me, I went through that too!

Truly Allahu Akbar, Alhamdulillah!

Garmy is growing up fast mashallah, and she's smiling at us for real now. She is beautiful machallah, she has her father's eyes and nose, my lips and my cheeks!

In short, I give thanks to the Lord!

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