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"Why it's not working?" Miracle Morning Part III

My summary Part 3:

If you read the previous articles about Hal Elrod's book that explains the importance of taking time for yourself, finding the time, and how to find it, in short, becoming more productive by getting up earlier, here's the part 3!

Regardless of the new plan we have, the routine we want to start, or just the results we are looking for, in order to be able to have positive results, we have to identify what gives poor results in spite of all the good will of the world. In his book, Hal targets the main causes that make it not work. Personally, these are things that I knew, but reading them allowed me to put things in perspective and correct some habits that 80 to 90% of people in the world have.

Causes of mediocrity

The mirror syndrome:

the main cause of mediocrity is the fact that there is a tendency to constantly recreate the past, believing that "we are always the person we were", therefore with the same limitations, which prevents us from expressing our true potential today . The consequence is that we make our choices according to these limits fixed by our past experiences

"We report on the day we live stress, fear and worry of the day before. When opportunities arise, we take a quick look at our rearview mirror to assess our past capabilities. "

To avoid this trap, we must constantly keep in mind that our current situation depends on who we are but that the direction we take depends entirely on the individual we wish to become, from now.

The absence of goal

If we do not know what makes us wake up every day and do the right thing, we do not live, we survive. To overcome mediocrity, one must have a purpose in life.

And for most of us, this goal is vague, not determined, and we are only crossing the day.

We take the path that is the least difficult and with ephemeral and short-term fun, while avoiding the pain or discomfort that could make us grow.

Isolate incidents

one of the things we do most often is to isolate the incidents, thinking that every choice and every action we make only affects the moment T. But every thought, action, choice has a huge consequence on our nobody: they determine who we become and condition our quality of life.

Whenever we choose the easiest solution and not the solution we need, we shape our personality to be that kind of person who opts only for ease.

In the same way, to force oneself to respect one's commitments even when one does not want to, allows us to develop the discipline necessary to obtain extraordinary results in all that one undertakes in life.

Peter Voogd: "Discipline creates the way of life".

A lack of sense of responsibility

success comes with a great level of responsibility. Without that, we can not take the necessary measures, even if we do not want to, in order to create results.

A mediocre circle of influence

"Research has shown that we almost all end up looking like the average of the five people we spend the most time with"

Our environment largely determines our quality of life and the person we become.

Positively as negatively.

Encountering happy and optimistic people will naturally make us happy and optimistic. Because our circle of influence automatically pulls us upward through their way of life, thought and influence by the habits they have adopted in order to succeed. The opposite is just as true. An entourage who constantly complains or faces financial difficulties, they do not challenge you to improve or even inspire you.

"Unfortunately, many people are trying to make their lives better but are pulled down by their surroundings."

A lack of personal fulfillment

"Our level of success will rarely exceed our level of personal development, because success is something we attract depending on who we become. "

We talk about personal development at all levels: beliefs, skills, knowledge, habits, health, finances, etc ...

An absence of the sense of urgency

It is one of the greatest causes of mediocrity and untapped potential. We always live with the notion of "a day can be", which inevitably leads to procrastination and regrets.

"The present moment is more important than any period of your life, because that's what you do today that conditions the individual you become."

Otherwise, waiting for tomorrow, next month, or next year, nothing will change.

There you have it! Go Get What You Want!!!

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