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Fatou, Waist beads by Fatou

First of all, by writing this article, in addition to presenting a brand and the entrepreneur behind it, I want to show one thing. For those who want to get started or are afraid that their idea is not good enough or that it is already done by many people, entrepreneurship is not necessarily to create a new good / service but also to take what exists already and do it our own way.

The brand that I present to you today, "Waist beads by Fatou", has products that we know very well in Senegal and Africa in general, waist beads.

Her creations are very popular in the United States, and I can understand why after seeing them. From a simple accessory that we meet every day in our markets, the designer Fatoumah Ndiaye has made beautiful jewelry that give the impression to women who wears them feel like a queen.

« Fine handcrafted beaded adornments made with genuine love and care.

Waist Beads, n. A single or multiple strands of beads made from various kinds of glass, metal, crystal, bone, and wooden beads worn around the waist and stomach. This is an ancient tradition originating in Africa, worn for many reasons like expression of femininity, healing, protection, rights of passage during puberty, baby naming ceremony, maintaining the figure, and intimacy with a husband or lover. Rather worn for traditional reasons or fashion waist beads are the perfect tool to tap into the spirit of our ancestors while looking and feeling beautiful from the inside out. »


I’m sharing a bit of her story.

Why? because it shows that there is no silly ideas, and that the market is never too busy to get into what you love and what you want to do.

How did she start?

When I was in college my mom bought me a large container of various beads and findings from her friend that resale’s goods for $15. We bought it home, organized it and my mom suggested that I make waist beads. The beads sat for quite a while, and one day I started to research platforms to sell online, ways to accept payments and made 7 very simple styles of waist beads.

At the time I was very unsatisfied with my college experience and personal life and figured that it was time I did something fulfilling, so I remembered my mom’s suggestion. I changed my personal Instagram to a business page and began to post my work, a few sales started to come in little by little. One day Nerissa Irving followed me and reached out about custom waist beads. She posted her purchase on her page, and other women followed me and purchased, and posted on their Instagram; which leads to constant organic growth, and gave me the opportunity to adorn many women over time.

I’m one person and sometimes two with the help of my mom that does it all from photographing products, shipping, beading, inventory, customer care, events, etc. I’ve gotten a better handle on things as I grow and learn, but I still struggle with answering all the emails and messages received via social media sometimes.

Her definition of success

Growth is how I define success. When I can clearly see the growth I know things are moving in the right direction.

Everything from the waist bead designs, website, quality of materials used, photographs, shipping process, to social media has continued to elevate gradually over time. To the point that nothing looks how it did when I first started.

We have so much more growing to do, but I’m happy with all the growth and changes that have taken place publicly and behind the scenes.

Waist Beads by Fatou

We specialize in luxury and very creative waist beads, custom waist beads, and traditional African waist beads from West, Africa. For those that don’t know waist beads are beaded adornments that women of all shapes, sizes, and ages wear around their mid-section for various reasons ranging from body positivity to healing and spiritual growth.

I am very proud that our products help make women feel great about themselves and their bodies, and that fact that so much genuine love and care is put into each creation and I can tell our customers feel it, which I believe also sets us apart from others.

Healing & Spirituality

« Waist beads are the perfect tool to use during your healing and spiritual journey. As they encourage so much self love, confidence, and body positivity. Not to mention the vast healing properties of the various crystal beads and gemstones we use. »

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