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Touareg Candle Co

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Among the original activities to do in Dakar, I had the opportunity to make my own candle around a virgin mojito, with a group of adorable women and let me tell you that this afternoon was the moment of relaxation I needed.

This moment was possible thanks to Touareg Candle Co and its candle making workshops. This week they are in the spotlight and you can find out more about the brand and the wonderful person behind it.

Diadel, Founder

Mauritanian, 30 years old, Diadel trained in Grasse for 3 years then worked in Paris before settling in Senegal in 2020. Having always loved scents and candles, and as a trained perfumer, the idea of launching her brand of scented candles naturally came to her because she wanted to stand out in the world of perfumery.

The competition being tough in Paris, its candles would have gone unnoticed but Senegal was the ideal place to start.

Indeed, after several researches, Diadel notices that there is no manufacturer of artisanal scented candles in West Africa. She therefore left Paris, leaving all her family there to go to Dakar and begin the Touareg Candle Co adventure.

Touareg, difference maker

Diadel's vision is clear: to become the No. 1 destination in West Africa for the manufacture and purchase of artisanal scented candles. The brand uses soy wax, therefore 100% vegetable and GMO-free, as well as natural scented oils and therefore not harmful to health.

Having a 5-year-old herself, Diadel only sells products that she can use for her family, which are suitable for children and people with allergies in general.

What makes the brand original is first of all the fact that it is "made-in-Senegal". Apart from the glass candle containers, everything else is handmade by Diadel and her team, as well as local artisans she works with.

Their product line goes far beyond scented candles! Touareg Candle Co offers everything related to home fragrances. Perfumes to diffuse, stick diffusers, scented sprays, fondants etc... are offered with original scents.

Touareg Candle Bar

When the brand was launched, many people were curious about this novelty in Dakar. Diadel received many questions about how the candles are made. The idea of the Touareg Candle Bar was born!

"Making your own candle during a workshop, with family, friends, etc... I found that it was also something that was very lacking in Dakar: an idea for an outing"

And these workshops are a great success! Before, it was in groups of 20 people maximum, and they went to 30 people. The workshops are held at different locations in Dakar: Hotel Terrou Bi, Chez Lulu, and now at the Third. And all this in addition to private events such as team building in companies or as a birthday activity.

“The idea is really nice and people are very receptive”

What's next for Touareg Candle Co

The company, now well known in West Africa, continues to grow and soon we can expect an in-house perfume shop: Touareg Candle Co and Touareg Candle Bar in one place.

“The idea is to really have a healthy environment where people can come, smell the candle, do their little shopping for the house, have a drink and at the same time make their own candles. »

We can't wait to see this project come to fruition! In the meantime, the workshops are still there and Touareg even sells personalized candles for your events, and DIY kits to make your own candle at home, which is a really original gift idea!

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