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Jeyna A.

The brand today is a small nugget that grows with each collection and you will understand why.

Jeyna A is a traditional-modern clothing brand that has existed for almost 3 years and that makes everyone agree on the choice of fabrics used and the originality of the cuts with each new design.

I had the pleasure of wearing several creations and let me tell you that the quality of the finish as well as that of the fabrics makes it very difficult to choose just one model.

Who is Jeyna A?

Behind this magnificent work is Jeyna, a young Senegalese, mother, wife, sister and urology surgeon. Medicine and fashion have always been passions for her since childhood. She always wanted to become a doctor. Reconciling the two was natural because she has always been the person to turn to for her loved ones when it comes to choices in terms of clothing models or fabrics to buy. Her talents earned her the honor of completely designing her best friend's wedding dress. The result was amazing when the Jeyna A brand had not even been imagined yet.

The creation of the brand

During her vacation in the third year of medicine, Jeyna designed and sewed a linen bustier top in order to sell a few pieces to her relatives and make some pocket money. But the realization of her potential happened in March 2020. In the exercise of her profession, she came into contact with a patient who had covid19 and was forced to isolate herself.

The consequences of the disease were still little known and the whole world was living in fear and confinements were happening everywhere.

With more free time at home, Jeyna started sketching and designing the Linguère outfit for her, a chantoum patchwork boubou. This was Jeyna A's first outfit.

She decided to make 10 unique pieces to sell them and only presented them to her close friends on social networks, especially Instagram.

*The Linguère Boubou

In less than 2 hours, everything was sold and the requests kept coming. Given the magnitude of the response to the Linguère model, she made a video with all the boubous that she filmed and edited as best she could thanks to Google for an entire day. This is how the Jeyna A. brand was born.

The originality of Jeyna A.

The favorite fabric that makes the success of her outfits is brocade. But she also uses chantoum, bazin, silk and cotton. Her specialty is to combine these different fabrics in patchwork with original colors and rare fabric models. What makes the difference are the cuts of clothes. Jeyna A. outfits combine traditional and modernity, and the brand stands out from the others with its strong identity and its stylish and original cuts.

Depending on the collection, there are exclusive pieces such as holiday collections and outfits that are for every day whose stocks are often renewed. Of course, this also depends on the availability of the fabric from the suppliers.

What's next for the brand

Delivery is already done all over the world and orders are already easily made via Whatsapp. Now that the brand has its own premises, the goal is to expand its clientele in the African and European market. Their creations will soon be available online on Afrikrea but they can already be found in Ivory Coast and Guinea, in particular with the Saada n Co concept store, as well as in Gambia at the Mayi concept store.

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