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Safari Senegal

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Finally part 3, and end of the little summary of a busy stay in Senegal!

A relaxing weekend and Safari 45min from Dakar!

We took the opportunity to organize a family weekend in Saly (the house is located in Saly Niakhniakhal) in a magnificent villa by the sea: Keur Absa.

4 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, 2 large living rooms, 2 parking spaces for cars, a garden and a swimming pool, all with direct access to the beach! Keur Absa was the perfect home for a wonderful, hassle-free family weekend (housekeeper on site for cooking and cleaning), play, swim and rest.

I let you see yourself in pictures!

* For all rental details, you can contact Khadim: +221 77 534 0432

I have already had this incredible experience of walking with lions at the Fathala reserve (If you hadn't seen it—> click here).

But this time around, I didn't have time to drive 6 hours, so the Bandia ranch was perfect to experience this wonderful moment and in a more intense way.

Coming back to our Safari outing, We were able to do the Bandia reserve on Friday afternoon before going to the villa. And we did the activities of the Ranch de Bandia (these are 2 different establishments!) The next day.

It was easier to separate the 2 excursions because there are hours to respect to see the lions.

The Reserve

The Bandia reserve is a classic, with its antelopes, giraffes, monkeys, zebras, etc. and especially the famous pair of rhinos!

Prices are available on their website

you can take your own car for the tour, but without a 4x4 it's dead lol the road in the reserve is not made for small cars. Otherwise it is 40,000 FCFA to rent a vehicle there which can take up to 10 people (yes yes without the guide and the driver!). The guide is also compulsory, at 6,500 CFA francs. The advantage is that they take euros and bank cards too!

If you go, bring pants and mosquito repellent lol.

The guides are super nice and we learn a lot about the inhabitants of the reserve. If you've never been to the Bandia Reserve, that's bad lol!

The Ranch

We were so excited to take this ride !!!

Located just in front of the reserve, the Ranch de Bandia is not at all linked to the reserve as you might think.

In addition to the lions, there is a lodge with a terrace and an outdoor swimming pool where you can spend the night and see other animals in the wild on the perimeter of the ranch: giraffes, zebras, monkeys, gobas.… Rest assured, the lions are not at large.

2 activities are offered concerning the latter:

  • the visit of the "little" lions: those we saw are no longer lion cubs lol, reserved for over 18s only

  • lion safari: drive with adult lions

The lion cubs visit in groups of 3-4 people inside their space with guardians (do we call them that?) With 3 cubs who are now 1 year old (including 2 white lion cubs). Closed pants and shoes are mandatory, no laces hanging around, or jewelry and items hanging like bags. Let’s not forget that they’re young and behaving like big cats so might want to play with that sort of thing (I don’t want to stress you out, eh).

The price is 25,000 CFA francs per person for this activity which lasts 15 to 20 minutes. In cash only (Euro, Dollar, Cfa), so plan to have the right amount with you.

We loved the experience, with beautiful photos, and we even had the right to pet them!

You have access to a refreshment bar to buy refreshments and more.

The lion safari was just awesome! 30 min in a secure, fenced-in car, where adult lions climb on them and you can see them up close and feel the full power of the animal! there were 8 lions in total if I'm not mistaken. This activity is open to all ages so young and old can participate. The cars have a capacity of 6 to 7 people, to be rented for 20,000 CFA francs per vehicle.

The ticket is 20,000 FCFA per person and 10,000 FCFA for children from 3 to 10 years old.

The cost to do all of the activities may seem high, but trust me the experience was worth every penny!

Remember to go early enough because it's first come, first served! The cut-off time for lion cubs is 3:30 p.m. and for adult lions 4:30 p.m. Their number for more information +221 78 017 0930.

Basically, a weekend full of adventure, and exoticism!

I can't wait to try the lodge for next time!

There you go, to end a wonderful holiday in the land of Téranga!

Cheers to my beautiful country

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