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Retro-Chic: L'Artisane

#TBT is required today! And this article is perfect for that! Here is L'Artisane, with Khadija Aisha Ba, stylist and owner of the brand

-----> Instagram account here

I recently saw my Instagram flow explode with a wave of captivating photos of L'Artisane with her new collection "SIDY" on behalf of her grandfather. This is how she describes it:

"L’Artisane is nostalgic of an era that she only knew through the stories of her grandfather, his photos, his music, his clothes... By borrowing and transforming stylistic gimmicks from him, L’Artisane embodies the delight of a simple, nonchalant yet elegant attitude, and by defining the "boubou" as a classic piece of the Senegalese dressing, a timeless and essential element that can be declined in multiple ways across time and trends without losing its cachet".

First the collaboration that we see with this collection is amazing: dreamteam with @mamytall for the amazing pictures, @sellyrabykane creative director, @codsolivia and @lesartrepreneurs for production. The setting that brought me back to my grandmother's house in Medina (a suburb of Dakar) with nostalgia, the different styles and the chosen model (Shoutout to the beautiful @codsolivia, co-founder of @Dakarlives) make a perfect combo .

At the point where it was reprinted on the site of the New York Times in an article of Jake Michaels (the NY Times post here).

What I liked most was that it's a style that we all know a little bit about with the traditional side of our grandparents, but at the same time it's totally new and different from what we are used see these days. It has returned to fashion the style of henna on all fingers like mame boye*, the boubou (traditional outfit), the big jewels, etc ...

We simply love it!

* affectionate term given to a grandmother in wolof

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