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New Year, New Strategy!

2018 is here!

It's time to make a plan to change things!

For some, we are in big projects, for others we don't know where to start. But for the most part, we just want to move on.

For some time now, I have been (re) reading, especially personal development books written by people who have achieved their goals in life, and who have incredible personal and financial success. Often, we think it's for others, or it's a matter of luck when everything is just hard work.

The goal is to share this with you while I follow myself these precepts / techniques / rules and others.

From what I remember in general, they all followed these 6 points to begin to make changes and move quickly in life.

1- The mindset

What is the mindset? This is the state of mind in which one must put oneself to be successful. Let me explain: everything has a price. If I want to succeed, but want to take shortcuts or not ready to pay the price, the effort and the work that it requires, I can pray, try many things but I'm not ready yet to have this success.

Doing the right things constantly and having an ethic in life makes it a habit and then a character.

For example, when I have a list of things to do, instead of repelling the task I like the least, I always start with it. This allows me to see the day lighter. By dint of doing so, I become a more effective person and especially I do not procrastinate. It becomes normal to take on a challenge despite the fact that I do not feel like doing it.

2- The Goal

Having a clear goal allows you to take effective action. For that, it is necessary to know how to divide the big objective in small objectives, step by step and especially to learn to celebrate each step crossed. Often, we get discouraged quickly, just because our goal seems too big or too far. On the other hand, a small victory after another makes it possible to remain motivated and to go forward.

A very effective method that I learned after many discouragements: just writing the final goal, and the steps to get there makes it possible to understand better what it will take and see the way, which leads to next point.

3- Visualization

The first benefit of the written plan is to visualize, to see the path one must take to get there. Visualization is an exercise that all the great people in this world do constantly and regularly. It must be clear and frequent, so as not to lose focus on what you want. I often said that I knew what I wanted, but it was still pretty vague, it seemed too distant. I learned to take the time to sit down and visualize what I really wanted, and that in every detail.

4- The energy

Without energy, nothing happens. Energy is first conditioned by the mindset precisely. If we think about what we want most, what motivates us above all, motivation and energy will follow. It is also necessary to be conditioned to have the energy! My biggest challenge these past few months was getting up early every morning and going to the gym. And believe me, those who know me know that what I hate above all, after getting up early, is sport! The first 2 weeks were hell, and yet it's starting to become a habit and I'm even in a hurry to get up now to go. I do not feel that time goes too fast, on the contrary, I have time to do more things and the energy that goes with it.

5- The standards

Personal standards are in all aspects of our lives: how we dress, we talk, we eat, our health, our finances, our environment, etc ... This is what separates the largest from the rest of the world. The higher our standards, the more demanding we are with ourselves, which leads to greater results. It is important to know what a standard is and to know how to define it for oneself (article to come).

6- The right moment

There is no good time, it's up to us to determine it. You just have to decide it, do what it takes to make it the right time. And most importantly, you just have to start. Waiting for the right conditions to be met is useless because the situation will never be perfect. It just leaves us inactive.

It's also about being an entrepreneur!

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