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My Miracle Morning Part I

Reading Moment!

Let me introduce to you a book that I’m reading and it changes lives!

I will share what I retain as I go along, on several articles. First of all, this book by Hal Elrod explains the importance of taking time for yourself, finding the time, and how to find it. In short, become more productive by getting up earlier.

But first who is HaL Elrod?

At age 20, Hal Elrod is hit by a drunk driver over 100km / h. His heart stops for 6 minutes. Doctors tell his parents that if he ever gets out of coma, he will suffer permanent brain damage and may never walk again. Today, Elrod walks, runs and even makes ultra-marathons. He is also an internationally renowned speaker, successful coach, and author of two bestsellers.

In "The Miracle Morning", Elrod shares the method that allowed him to turn the corner and go from one success to another.

What does the Miracle Morning tell us?

- How to wake up in the morning with more energy, in great shape, whatever

our sleep time.

- The most common causes of mediocrity and how to fight them (procrastination, lack of purpose, lack of responsibility) ... Identify those habits that decrease productivity and discourage, and learn to get rid of!

I love the fact that it’s easy to read, no great philosophy or boring theories, and can be implemented the next day and integrate things into our daily life, little by little.

My summary Part 1

It all depends on our belief

Events do not happen without reason, but it is our responsibility to choose the most stimulating reasons for the occurrence of the difficulties, events and circumstances of our lives.

To achieve the desired financial success, one must start by striving every day to become the right person, "an individual who is qualified and capable of achieving, creating and maintaining that level of success".

It all starts with the way we wake up in the morning, our routine with which we start the day (or the absence of routine). This is what will condition our degree of success in the different aspects of our life.

• successful and productive mornings + concentration at the meeting = successful and productive days

• mediocre and unproductive mornings = days when one is scattered and unproductive

From the entrepreneur to the student, to the salesperson, the CEO, the teacher, the real estate agent, the stay-at-home mom, the high school student and the student, waking up early can change a lifetime, from increase their performance, productivity and motivation.

Whether you are a morning person or not, the "miracle morning" allows you to learn to wake up each day more easily.

There is a link of cause and effect between getting up early and experiencing great success. Our activity during the first hour of the day is crucial to unlock all our potential and achieve the desired degree of success.

"Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of self-fulfillment because success is something you attract depending on who you become."

The problem we often encounter is that on a scale of 1 to 10, we want a 10 of success in the different aspects of our life (happiness, finances, career, spirituality, etc.), but we only show that 2 or 3 in our personal fulfillment (knowledge, experience, beliefs, state of mind, etc ...).

"Our outside world will always be a reflection of our inner world. Our level of success will always be parallel to our level of personal fulfillment. "

Once we become aware of this, we can go after, and apply real changes!

Next article on the way!

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