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My Meeting with Michelle Obama!

Video here: YOUTUBE:

Lol I wish it was a one-on-one but I still got to see her in person!

And let me tell you, What a Lady!!!!

She is simply amazing. When you hear the saying " Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ", that expression defines her.

It was a conference in Montreal this Monday (February 5th), closed to press and non public, but I had a chance to be part of this event so let me share it with you guys.

The main themes were the education of young people, especially girls, and the place and leadership of women around the world.

3 points that I remember that are addressed to everyone:

1- Failure is part of success.

Failure doesn't define us. But people also have to realize that it's not easy, you have to put the effort and the work in. Nowadays, success seems easy to have, according to the media, the social networks. However, we only see the finished product, the beautiful side of the thing. People do not show the difficult part, the problems or the failures that are on their way.

2- Your work should reflect your values

For your work to be credible, and for people to adhere to it, you must be true to yourself and to others, be consistent with your values, and this must be reflected in your work.

For her, being First Lady was not easy, but not too difficult either because she had to be herself. She chose her direction, her actions, her causes to defend according to her own values, despite the many advisers around her who gave her a huge choice of actions to take.

3- You have to be a change maker

It goes through 3 points:

- Learn / search information

Studying is the basis. Without education, we can not have a solid base and a voice in the world today.

- Be passionate about what you do

To have big results, it is necessary that we can connect with what we do, and be focused on it, there is our credibility and our authenticity.

- Be ready to compromise

The world is not black or white, it is not all or nothing. Change takes time, and it mostly involves small incremental changes.

For the rest, here is the full video just above, what the memory of my phone allowed me to take. Enjoy!

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