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My Current Journey

Sneak Peek of my journey

Ok, so for this first official post in my Souk, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I will write it in french and english so I can share the experience.

About 2 years ago I made a decision and started my current job.

I know I’m only 26 but it has been one of the most challenging things in my life. I won’t give you all the details but I will tell you what it’s about and why I’m still there.

The training and experience is a trial by fire, and you learn with phenomenal co-workers and support.

The people who work there are all sharp people and create a very good vibe, in a great atmosphere. You have the opportunity to know a lot of people.

*Roadtrip in Stoneham, QC/Roadtrip à Stoneham, QC

You can also be free since no one is your boss, every one works as an independent business contractor.

And you can also earn a lot if you are a good seller.

It's all merit based, which is really refreshing. If you do a great job, you will be rewarded and promoted accordingly. I have already trained and interviewed new employees. Its a very rewarding feeling!

They will teach you amazing skills that allow you to become not only a better sales person, but just a better person.

The Challenges: let me say it with a big C lol

It is 100% commission, if you don't sell you don't make money. Nothing is guaranteed. This is also a pro somewhat since it means no ceiling...

Plus various responsibilities will extend your hours on occasion. Either way personal time with friends and family will take a hit.

In order to advance you need people. You need to make sure that they are advancing so you can advance as well.

In this work, it is not the monetary capital that counts but the human capital.

*When I got recognized for my work in front of the different officies, during Christmas Holidays/ * Quand j'ai été reconnu pour mon travail devant les différents offices, pendant les vacances de Noël

So why did I choose to do it?

It’s a humbling experience. You learn to :

- work hard, to accept failure as a part of the process for success

- fight for what you want, to truly care about people, learn to build relationships with all kind of people (no matter who they are, their race, religion, background, etc…)

- and the most challenging part for me: build a team, deal with people and be responsible of a team, not as a boss but as a leader.

Let me tell you about that lol. Manage people is hard. Everybody is different, so to maintain a good dynamic group, with the different ages, personalities and perceptions is my biggest challenge right now.

You have to be an example before asking them to do anything, and at the same time earn the respect so they can be disciplined while being independent contractors, and follow you so you can grow the team and have bigger results.

But once you master all those aspects, there are endless possibilities with this experience.

Our Motto: « Work Hard, Make Money and Advance »

*Funday at work/Funday au travail

There are great rewards however, road trips, business trip, a lot of fun, experiences and learning that will help you not only in the job but in business and life in general. In short, they teach you how to be an entrepreneur, how to build and manage your own business.

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