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Mimi Cherry Shoes

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Back for a new discovery!

The more I discover new brands, the more I realize the entrepreneurial culture that is developing in my beloved country!

In addition, the quality of work makes me really hesitate to spend my money in foreign big shops while the quality and originality are there.

Mimi Cherry

More known by her nickname Mimii Cherry, Aminata is a 25-year-old girl from Dakar who launched her brand of the same name. She did her schooling in Dakar, from Yalla Sur En to BEM Dakar through Jeanne d'Arc, and she is a banker by profession.

"Let's say I'm a fan of fashion in its entirety (Fashion Victim for some lol) and this has always been one of my main interests. "

The birth of the brand

The idea of ​​Mimi Cherry came from a professional project during her studies in 2014. 5 years later the project becomes reality, 100% made in Africa, a feminine shoe, refined with a rendering of quality. All MADE IN AFRICA inspired by "EUROPEAN" models.

"Everyone needs to wear shoes, so it's a physiological need (at least I think of it as a need like eating and drinking."

A pair of Mimi Cherry is the pair of ALL, with a concept of proper names on the references of different models, which makes each appropriates the brand.

"All Fatima are seen through the sandals #Fatima" - "Aida on her Aida's shoes" - etc.


Being young when you start your business is a challenge that goes beyond the professional realm, and for me it's more of a personal challenge. I have always liked challenges and especially this one: to be very early independent financially. This is how I managed to self-finance.

We all know that the real concern of entrepreneurship in Senegal is the financing of its activities because the country has a fairly tight financing circuit. Today the main concern of Mimi Cherry is storage since we do not have a store yet. Bringing the brand and my day job too, is a daunting task and requires maximum concentration to be able to balance things out.

And as a woman entrepreneur, identifying with models like Adama Paris, Anta Babacar Ngom and many others, is still motivating and reassuring. The woman is naturally more perfectionist and more refined so it is a strong point of Mimi Cherry.

Mimi Cherry in the future

"There is no collaboration with other partners yet, but we are opening our doors to anyone!
I am inspired by many Adama Paris and European brands. "

The goals are simple: In the short and medium term it would be the opening of a local and the creation of the website. And in the long run, it would be to extend the brand internationally.

To finish: Bring a new touch to local consumption

Usually, the shoes are from Asia (made in China, Taiwan) and Europe and therefore are not manufactured domestically. This effect of globalization has certainly lowered consumer prices with the low cost of production, but it destroys our traditional jobs especially for shoemakers. Everyone must take ownership of this concept of Made in Africa and thus play its part in the development of the country.

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