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Marie Gueye Couture

When I see the models of this fashion house, elegance, simplicity and classy come to mind first. Their fabrics give me life!

Petit aperçu sur Marie Gueye

A short overview of Marie Gueye

The woman behind the brand, Marie Gueye, is very quickly attracted by the styling and makes her first clothes at the age of 12 years. She begins by using scraps of fabric she buys by visiting textile shops often, to make clothes for her sisters and herself.

She continues her studies in Switzerland, and starts selling luxury fabrics from Switzerland and Austria.

It was in 2006 that she began to commercialize her creations and entered the scene of Senegalese fashion.

The signature of the brand is noble fabrics, delicate embroidery, pure silk and all with exceptional quality. By the way, that's what seduced me with the brand, because that’s what you notice first.

She dresses a privileged clientele with the taste of chic, which makes her popularity in the fashion industry.

Their​ Facebook here

I let you discover these few pictures!

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