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Let's talk Business- (Part III) L.A. Series

Now that we have seen all the fun, let's go back to the serious part!

The day after our arrival, we had a busy day with business related workshops, which I think can serve everyone, whether we want to be the best in your office or you have our own business!

So here is a summary of the different topics we have dealt with. These are simple things, full of common sense, and not a lot of blah! Each point can fit in a post it so use them well!

Topic 1: How to WOW the client

1- It starts with representing yourself with high integrity. Integrity is not a scale, it's all or none:

  • Be the best brand ambassador possible of your company or the clients you're representing to the customers! You want "good profitable sticky customers" so PROFESSIONALISM and DETAILS are everything!

  • Respect your word! you will have more leverage

  • Teach that to your people if you have a team

2- Have and maintain a great attitude:

Having a good attitude is not difficult. To maintain it is not the same thing, and it is not easy, but it's something you learn!

Choose your answer to different situations:

control your emotions and choose your answer only once you get out of your emotional sone and you can be logical in actions and decision-making. For that, buy time! Always take your time before reacting.

you react

Buy some time! Whatever you want to do, ask yourself first how is it helpful

  • Talk to your support system (mentors, family, friends)

  • Choose your support system/ your network: look at what they're better than you at and humble yourself to learn from them

Topic 2: How to coach people, specially more mature people

  • Be clear about your goals and where you want to go

  • If you want to add value to people, focus on yourself and show great example.

  • Be humble, put your people in front so they will put you in front and help them become the best they can be

  • You have to make people feel one of these 4 ways: Important - Intelligent - Powerful - Valued

Topic 3: Personal Branding

  • Your smile is your first logo

  • Your reputation is how others view you and their perceptions are based on your ACTIONS, NOT your INTENTIONS

  • The way you interact with others and your words shape your brand

Topic 4: Time Management

"Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good, it's the thing that makes you good"

Malcolm Gladwell (journaliste au New Yorker, et écrivain)

  • When you start feeling guilty about something you should do but you are pushing it away, you are waisting your time

  • If you prioritize the big rocks in your life, everything else falls into place.

  • Take every day, take 30 min a week or 10 min a day to figure out what's important to you (call a family member, take care of that project, take some me time, etc)

And last but not least:

4 dimensions: Physical - Social/Emotional - Mental - Spiritual

These are the 4 activity areas where you can take time for your self and recharge.

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