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Imaara Jewelry

“Imaara, more than a jewel, is a state of mind, a story, a dream! »

Do you know what love at first sight is?

This is how I felt about the Imaara jewelry collection.

The first time I saw them, I was like “I want them”!

Nowadays, we see a growing success of ethnic handcrafted jewelry that gives us back this authentic and traditional African beauty.

I love traditional accessories because they give a personal touch to every look you want to create, traditional or contemporary.

That’s why I was so happy to discover this brand.

their pieces are beautiful, glamorous, elegant and so striking. You can feel the work behind the collection.

Each new piece is well crafted and timeless, statement-making but not distracting.

The bracelets, the earrings, the rings...everything is substantial in style, head-turning pieces and evocative of a minimalist style somehow.

The brand offers refined jewelry inspired by Africa, imagined by two young designers. They offer a subtle blend of African craftsmanship and the latest fashion trends and entirely handmade. And it's all about the details! The brand has just been launched, and so far there has been only one private sale. But we cannot wait to see more!

Clin d’oeil à Mamy Tall pour ce magnifique photoshoot!

Their​ Facebook here

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