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Diarrablu & Diarrabel

I recently had a big favorite for the brands DIARRABLU and DIARRABEL from the designer Diarra Bousso.

These brands are part of the DB family with 3 labels on dates: DIARRA BOUSSO, DIARRABLU and DIARRABEL.

First, let's talk about Diarra Bousso:

Born and raised in Dakar, she began her professional career on Wall Street, but decided to resign two years later to follow her passion for the arts and design.

She launched the luxury fashion houseDakar Boutique in 2013 in Dakar, with the labels: DIARRA BOUSSO, DIARRABLU, and MINT which becomes today DIARRABEL.

The brands DIARRABLU and Diarra Bousso are aimed at chic and contemporary consumers.

Diarra presented his collections during fashion weeks in New York and Paris and represents Senegal at World Fashion Week in Paris. Her work has featured in Vogue, Glamor, The New York Times and The Huffington Post.


The DIARRABLU brand tells a story about travel, modern art and mathematics. The brand shows an Africa rich in travel, art, patterns and geometry that deserves to be celebrated.

The goal of the brand is to give visibility to Senegalese artisans while highlighting the rich colors and unique patterns of the African continent through practical and versatile objects designed using concepts or mathematical algorithms.

The collections are hand-made in Dakar, Senegal, with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility.

"The Diarrablu woman is free ... The woman DIARRABLU is a dreamer, a daring dreamer, an unrealistic dreamer, a living dreamer ... The DIARRABLU woman is a traveler, an explorer, a risk taker and an idealist. She is intellectually curious, daring, fearless and effortless. She is a polymath. She is magic! « .



The brand DIARRABEL, formerly MINT, is a ready-to-wear line of wax prints and contemporary haircuts for everyday fashion lovers who want to look proudly African.

"Our team is what makes us strong. We are creators, tailors, seamstresses, artists, models, photographers, decision makers, painters, musicians and especially dreamers. In our small workshop in Dakar, where all the production takes place, we cultivate a culture of love and kindness through every garment we make in order to present to the world our best version of what "Made in Africa ". For us, this is synonymous with 'Made with love, kindness, intentionality and integrity - that's our philosophy ".

Here are some pictures, Treat yourself with these models!

I can not decide between the two, I love the 2 lines.

And you? Are you Diarrablu or Diarrabel?




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