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Challenge: Create Your Morning Miracle Routine Part II

My summary Part 2:

If you read the previous article about Hal Elrod's book that explains the importance of taking time for yourself, finding the time, and how to find it, in short, becoming more productive by getting up earlier, here's the part 2!

Here are the 3 main challenges before you can create your own Miracle morning routine

Challenge 1: Finding time

We must first make a commitment to make personal fulfillment a priority in everyday life.

It's basic to say, but I realized that while it's obvious that personal fulfillment is supposed to be a priority for everyone, we don’t necessarily think about it.

Honestly, ask yourself: what do you do on a regular basis to develop yourself personally and flourish as an individual?

I specify individual, because in our African societies, especially in Senegal (personal experience), personal fulfillment, especially for women, is intrinsically linked to the family (parents, family in general, husband, children). You must be in agreement with everyone, and have a husband and children to be socially fulfilled, and it is often the same for men. As a result, we do not really know what personal fulfillment means.

So here is a definition that could sum up this vast topic a bit:

To flourish is to make full use of one's personal resources, to make one's daily life richer and happier. ... Having achieved all stages of personal and professional development, self-fulfillment could be the ultimate stage. Because this is the very definition of fulfillment.

To be better on a daily basis, it is useful to know yourself better and to confess your small faults without a trace ... You still have to take the time to think about yourself ...

If this time is set in the morning, we start the day on a positive note, with more energy and greater motivation. Waking up early in the morning makes it hard not to look for excuses like daytime fatigue or lack of time.

"If I drag or wander aimlessly for the first hour after waking up, I tend to spend a day with little productivity and no real goal."

Steve Pavlina,

American self-help author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur

Challenge 2: Focus on maximum impact

What to do during this first hour for maximum impact in our life?

Here are some personal development exercises that can be practiced and that change life more easily:

Meditation, prayer, affirmations, visualization, journaling, sport, reading.

  • During this moment, which is only for oneself in the morning, starting with silence allows you to start the day well by soothing the spirit with prayer and meditation. the goal is to feel the stress disappear and calm invade us.

  • The following is simple: reading. Just taking 10 minutes a day in the morning to read and gain more knowledge makes all the difference to move forward, to draw inspiration from other successful people who have "already seen the film", and to apply new ideas.

  • Have you ever thought of a viewing board? virtual or physical, it’s a board that we create with images that represent our vision, what we want to achieve in every aspect of our lives. Seeing these images and consulting the chart helps to keep you motivated and constantly remembering that the efforts you are doing are worth it.

  • For some, writing is therapeutic. Keeping a journal allows you to see things more clearly by writing down your thoughts, plans, dreams.

  • Finally, nothing like physical exercise to start a productive day and have energy dice in the morning. According to Antony Robbins, "movement creates emotion".

  • Doing these exercises allows you to enjoy all the benefits of Miracle Morning, and helps to increase performance, productivity and motivation no matter if you work or at home.

Challenge 3: Leave a trace

The keywords in this step are Engagement and Decision.

Decide to start doing differently starting today, making the necessary changes and knowing what is your level of commitment.

Why the present moment is the most important day?

Our decisions and our daily actions determine the individual that we become each day. Being mediocre means choosing consciously whether or not to remain the one we have always been. Everybody has their own dreams. it's not necessarily about becoming rich or famous.

The mood of our morning has a powerful impact on how the rest of the day will go, and it becomes a cycle. The trick is to wake up each day with one goal in mind.

How to wake up with more energy (sleeping less)?

Really, there is not a specific number of hours to wake up well, it all depends on our personal belief in the number of hours we need, and our way of anticipating our future state of form upon waking.

If we are convinced that we need 8 hours of sleep, we go to bed at midnight, and that we must get up at 6 am, we will be convinced in advance that we will be tired when we wake up and that we will not have enough hours to be fit. As a result, the next day you actually feel tired.

The mind-body connection is impressive. You just have to learn how to modify your beliefs, for those who have already heard about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), otherwise google is there, or a future post, who knows?

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