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Before you talk about Change

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

This post is inspired by a friend (who will recognize himself) who gave me these 5 points which one must be aware before wanting to change things:

1- When the flower does not grow, it is necessary to look at its environment and not the flower

"Act massively today for results tomorrow because tomorrow begins today."

Every time we make efforts and we do not see the results, we question ourselves but often in the wrong way. You have to know the difference between questioning yourself and blaming yourself. Blame solves nothing, it only lowers our self-esteem and therefore our confidence in ourselves.

2- We are always at one decision to have a totally different life

Do I make the right choices or just the ones that will give me the result I want?

Choosing to make the right choice instead of ease is an act of courage. It is important to learn and be self-disciplined to make the right choice and not just to look for the result in any way.

3- We must be able to take risks and count on ourself

Taking risks is faster. It's hard to get out of your comfort zone, yes. But you cannot ask one thing and its opposite: "I want to be a good swimmer but I do not want to get wet".

To rely on oneself is to be fully responsible for one's opportunities. And that means no more excuses like "it's because of him / her ..." or "if there was not this situation or event ..."

4- All is not important and all is not necessary

Having sense of priorities is one of the hardest things today in this world of entertainment.

Anything important is only for a moment T. Remembering this statement helps to put things into perspective. It's necessary to know according to the moment and the situation what is priority.

In life, we have things that are urgent but not important, things that are important but not urgent, things that are important and urgent, and things that are not important or urgent. (Will understand who can).

The day you can categorize everything in one of these categories, your actions will be more effective, and you will take actions faster.

5- You must never be 100% satisfied with your current situation

To be satisfied is to stop doing more or to look for a better situation. Yes, we must be grateful for what we have but not satisfied (know how to make the difference).

Only those who are satisfied with what they have do on the spot in life. To take pleasure in one's current situation is a trap to avoid.

Thank you dear friend for these wise words.

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