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Atelier Rabbal

So today I would like to talk to you about Atelier Rabbal! ( instagram here )

You have probably seen or heard the name somewhere!

I recently talked about it in previous articles with SassyChic Boutique and So'Fatoo among others.

For those who do not know what Rabbal is:

« Rabal is a material made by the weavers of Senegal and Guinea-Bissau, a noble fabric with bright colors traditionally hand-made and inspired by symbols of fertility. Declare according to special occasions.The Rabal is worn during important events like weddings or births. »

Let me introduce you to the person behind the brand: Khady Niane

I tried to know more about her and the mark online, but I did not see any content that was enough for me, so I decided to ask her directly :)

She was kind enough to answer some questions that allowed me to know her better, to know a little more about Atelier Rabbal, and how she arrived there.

Here are her answers.

Who is Khady?

Child of the country, eldest of a family of four children. Khady holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Montreal and a Master's degree in Banking Finance from Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi.

"I am a banker in the morning and an entrepreneur at night. "

From the birth of the project to the realization ...

"At first it was just for fun. The woven loincloth is worked at home for 7 generations.

The beauty of Rabbal comes from the fact that the Seru Njaago used for the creation of the items were designed by the weavers in the family home. I will say that we are lovers of the loincloth.

My mother has been working in loincloth for many years. She makes cushions, tablecloths, bed covers, upholstery and even curtains! She does a lot of office supplies too, and every time I tell her "Mom you can do better" but she said she did not have time.

One day I decided to throw myself, bring my grain of salt to what is already there, diversify the articles. So, I traveled the city in search of shoemakers and leatherworkers with whom to collaborate until I found my happiness. "

Of course as any entrepreneur, in Africa in particular, from project to realization, it's a big step to make, especially to start. Khady talks about it:

"I would say that any project is difficult, because in the beginning you do not really know where to start, what to do, you just have an idea in mind without having well defined objectives. The hard part is to start after the rest will be done naturally, the main thing is to love what you do and to have the will to move forward. As is often said in Senegal "A project is started but it is God Who finalizes it".

The main difficulty is to combine work, entrepreneurship and social life. I am often overwhelmed sometimes I find it difficult to find a balance between the three. "

Inspo and Collab

When it comes to her inspirational figures and her collaborations, she quotes us names that we know and that have marked many people including me.

"I will have a hard time quoting them, but I will say Collé Ardo Sow and Bouswari who catalyze the definition of ''strong African women'', who want to show the beauty of Senegal through their work by providing simple articles , chic and especially of very good quality.

I had to collaborate with So Fatoo, Sassychic Boutique and Lamtoro Group, other collaborations are in progress hoping that it goes ahead. "


What to expect in the future

"My goals are to expand Rabbal and create an online sales website to make it easy for anyone to access it"

In short, if there is a message to pass from Khady, here it is:

"Senegal has many riches that make our identity and especially our pride, exploit them to get the best, support and especially consume local! "

I will not have said it better myself.

Consume Local!


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