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Amymysy Creation

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Everyone knows it! An accessory can make all the difference! Their handbags are just beautiful! Woven loincloth, embroidered fabrics, leather and other traditional materials, every model makes you want to dress up and show it to the world!

Whether it's to go to work, an outing between girls, an afterwork or a gala, they do the trick and join the useful to the style. Even with the traditional outfits, there is something for them.

* Their Instagram page here

I love the fact that it's entirely handmade and locally. I am amazed by the quality and finish with the artisans from Senegal. This video shows the manufacturing process and it gives more value to the products: https: // But it doesn't stop with the handbags! They also make accessories with the same perspective: "a meeting between Africa and the West ..." Who said Africa is not chic?

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