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Updated: Nov 12, 2022

« Made in West Africa for the World »

For those who don’t know the LAYU in Dakar (Senegal) yet, you absolutely need to check it out!

LAYU is a concept store with 2 distinct spaces:

- A clothing and accessories store that puts forward several African brands, including their own brand, LAYU, all made locally, in West Africa. We can see on their Pinterest profile the different products offered that really stand out (perfect for an original gift!). You can also check out their website here or their Instagram.

- A coffeeshop that offers hot drinks (coffees, African teas), fresh local juices, pastries, meals and appetizers, all local specialties.

Plus: a library (literature and music) with a wide variety of African artists and writers, and the discovery of a new book every week with Fridays readings.

It's just the perfect African / Senegalese version of a coffeeshop with muffins alongside with the famous Attaya* on their menu.

*Attaya: senegalese tea

Little story: Aida Sock, rising Senegalese star of music, after a few years abroad for her studies, decides to return to Senegal in 2013 to work with her family in a business focused on catering and fashion: "LAYU ". She is also often shown in the photos for Layu product promotions and fits perfectly with the brand with her style.

Her Instagram---> here

Their goal with the concept store is simple: to promote local artists and artisans and their products made in West Africa.

The atmosphere invites for a stimulating work environment for creativity, as well as an afterwork or simply a good lunch. The place is just nice, you can meet nice people and even do some shopping.

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