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Taara Y'Elle

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

On my last trip to Dakar, I was able to make some wonderful discoveries, even though I had little time to do so. If you haven't seen my last post where I went to the CHIC et SIMPLE Beauty House, you can click here!

Among the brands exhibited in their showroom, I fell in love with the Taara Y’Elle brand.

The models talked to me straight away #PEULHGANG :)

I'll let you discover the brand and the person behind who was kind enough to tell me a little more about the brand.

Taara Y’elle, the birth

Full-time entrepreneur, Marieme Ndiaye is the founder of the TAARA Y’ELLE brand, which she launched after completing her studies in accounting.

«Taara is a Pulaar name, it's the name of my great-grandmother and Taara Y'elle means my little taara. I chose it to pay tribute to African women and also particularly to my family.»

At first, she shared her sketches on Instagram, and the positive feedback she received as well as suggestions to brand them encouraged her to take the plunge.

This is how Taara Y'Elle was born.

To make the project a reality

The first difficulty is to find your brand identity in order to differentiate yourself and position yourself in the fashion market.

Then, given the size of that market, having visibility so that people can discover your work is the hardest part of the job. Social networks help a lot to get started at a lower cost and create visibility.

«I am inspired by everything. With a single word, with an image, of all women »

"Also the way I dress, I love this fusion of traditional-modern. So far I haven't had to do collaborations with other brands yet but I'm open to everyone."

Taara Y’Elle today

At the moment, the brand is mainly present on social networks, as well as a few pieces at the Showroom of the CHIC et SIMPLE Beauty House.

“I subcontract with independent tailors, my objective is to have a production unit to produce in mass and good quality to satisfy the customers, to also be able to compete with the big brands and to have a very large customer base. "

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