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Paul'Elle is a Senegalese brand that offers products entirely made in Senegal, and the store is essentially online (their website here). some of the products are available in Dakar at the Ayashop concept store, with its Paul'Elle Private collection.

Between the bags, shoes and clothes , I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the finishes and the simplicity of the different styles. I had the opportunity to talk to the business woman behind the brand, and I was even more impressed by her background and entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age. For those who don't know yet, I'll let you discover!

About Marième!

Marième Sall, more known under the name of Marième Paulelle, is at the origin of the brand which carries her nickname. Born and raised in Dakar, she did part of her school curriculum there. She graduated in Business Development and Marketing at ICD Business School Paris before specializing in real estate.

Her activities are very diverse and tell us a lot about her:

She was named the Oxfam Youth Leader in the African Region and the World Social Forum in 2016, and is inspired by her meetings with women leaders who are making a difference to create a free platform: The Black Muse.

Entirely dedicated to women leaders, this platform allows them to put their know-how to work.

In addition to these activities, she also launched Agence Pride in October 2018 following her wedding planner * training. She is now based in Paris, and takes care of the brand there for the international part and with her collaborator Awa Sow who takes care of everything in Senegal.

*organisation de mariages

The birth of Paul'Elle

"This interest in entrepreneurship and clothing comes to me first of all from my entourage. I was practically educated by my grandmother who was a seamstress. She inspired me a lot. "

At the age of 19, she decides to start. Given the lack of funds to start, she postulates first as a saleswoman in supermarkets selling clothing, just after baccalaureate. Without a diploma post-baccalaureate, she is accepted directly after just 3 days as a cashier, without going through the internship process first. After 2 months she managed to have a pretty good amount to start, 197.000 Fcfa. And that's how Paul'Elle was born.

The pitfalls

Having people she trusts at first was quite difficult because when she did not pay attention, people did not follow the standards she wanted for her brand as well as her concern for a job well done.

Today she draws her own models after having had mishaps by collaborating with designers in the past.


"For me, my grandmother is the inspiration embodied, but I remain dazzled by the work of all these Senegalese women entrepreneurs and all over the world, I quote Marana Noba, Béa Blondin, Paola Mathé, the wonder woman behind Paul'Elle with me Awa Sow, etc. "


There have been several collaborations between Paul'Elle and other companies and individuals such as Richard Demedeiros, photographer and architect on different projects. There is also the Jardin d'Eden guest house which hosted the first edition of "Les Merveilles du Coin" with So'Fatoo and Ayashop.

Ayashop is a concept store that exclusively represents the Paul'Elle Privé collection.

An advice?

it is as easy to invest in Africa as it is difficult to start a business in Africa.

The African market is very difficult to conquer, especially because we are complex and do not like most products MADE in AFRICA but we must not be afraid to face this difficulty. It is a sad reality that only aspiring entrepreneurs can change.

Africa is smart with a lot of potential and know-how so we need to showcase them whatever the difficulty and the time it takes. It just takes a little courage and enough motivation to get there. So do not be afraid to undertake where to invest in Africa because Africa is the future.

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