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Updated: Nov 18, 2022

If you follow me on Instagram (otherwise subscribe here :) ), you know I made the jump, I cut my hair. Honestly I have never had them so short and it was a big change for me. I took a good week to get used to seeing my head every time I walked past my reflection, and honestly I'm still getting used to it. On the other hand, I don't regret for a second that decision. I can't stop passing my hand through my little afro. I did not even remember the texture of my hair and i'm rediscovering it. I've been using the relaxer for so long! The first time I relaxed my hair, I was 8 or 9 and since then I haven't stopped. I am not one of those people who all of a sudden reprove hair straightening and the people who use it. Yes, these are chemicals that denature our hair. But, I know people who use it cautiously and have very healthy and long hair. It was my case for a long time before I started to use it too much, going from 2 times a year to 3/4 times in 2019 while using regularly the straightening iron. My hair took a big hit and I couldn't make up for the damage.

Today I am getting to know them again, they have a very different "personality" from before lol. I am getting to know that 4c types of hair are very beautiful when you take care of them even if they are not like those of type 3a as we often see in the photos that sell the afro / metis style. I'm learning to love my natural curls, my TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) and to find myself beautiful in my everyday life. And above all, I try to find a simple routine so it does not to feel like a burden. For the moment, it is working well!

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