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Ebene Cosmetics

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

After a (long) absence of new content about "made in Senegal", I‘m back today with a make-up brand.

Makeup has a very important place in the market these days with an extraordinary consumption on a daily basis.

Particularly in Senegal, makeup is one of the best-selling products, rich or poor, they all buy it.

There are many brands represented in the country but often, the big brands do not have enough shades or colors representative enough of the Senegalese market that they want to conquer. Increasingly, international brands are starting to realize this and create new, more suitable products.

On the other hand, I always wondered if there were a 100% Senegalese makeup brands and I present to you the one with the most diverse range of products that I have found to date: Ebene Cosmetics

Mascara, foundations, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, lip gloss and even false eyelashes! Founded by Ebene Diop, Ebene Cosmetics is the first cosmetic brand designed in Senegal with an entirely African packaging, for black skin. The collections are magnificent with different names that speak to us, and make us travel, inspired by her entourage and her native land. And above all, we like the fact that it is cruelty-free, vegan and paraben-free.

There is not much information on the creator of the brand but I think her name is not unknown. Because in addition to Ebene Cosmetics, she opened Ebene Nails and is already in 2 spaces (Ngor and Sacré Coeur in Dakar).

You can see the details via their Instagram page here.

Regarding the make-up brand, the prices are very affordable compared to the big brands like Mac or Black Opal, and with the quality that comes with it.

We can find 6 foundations with shades only for black skin. I love the names that refer to different ethnic groups that we find in Senegal: Wolof - Bambara - Sérère - Djola - Soninké

For the eyeshadow palettes, there are 4: Chocolate, Boss, Ebène Pink, Gold and Dakar. Honestly I find it difficult to choose my favorite because each palette has amazing colors I would want to have in my makeup collection.

For lipsticks, I have a weakness for the Boss collection. Also, the liquid lipstick have super pigmented colors with a magnificent matte effect. For me, it is often difficult to find nudes that go with black skin, but with the brand, you are spoiled for choice!

And in addition there is a mascara! This mascara promises to be pretty for 24 hours without stain or smear. It resists rain, sweat, humidity and tears, but the formula is easily removed with warm water. The unique brush reaches and lengthens even the smallest lashes.

In short, I was super impressed by the quality and the products offered. I let you enjoy it all via the photos. You can find the Ebene Cosmetics Instagram page here.

And you can find all their products and prices on their website:

Finally, for those who need to see video review to get a better idea, one of our favorite youtubers Sweet Senegal (her instagram here) has reviewed some of the products.

Pictures from @daileenia

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