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Chitou and Co

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

First of all, I wish you a wonderful month of Ramadan for my Muslim brothers and sisters! May your wishes be granted in this blessed month!

This new brand that I present to you today is perfect for this period precisely.

If you do not know it yet, I'm a tea addict (I’m not crazy about coffee). So here is a new discovery.


Chitou and Co is an online store, specializing in the sale of tea and accessories that go with it.

The first thing that seduced me was the presentation of the products and the quality they reflect. In addition, the shop offers something that is difficult to find in Senegal, with various flavors to discover. Check out the website and you'll understand what I mean.

But first, who is behind Chitou and Co?

A 28-year-old hijabi, a graduate engineer from Bretagne Institut Mines Telecom, IT consultant, entrepreneur and all that while being a 'single mom', mother of a little ball of energy as she says.

Aissatou loves cooking, especially pastry, and everything related to food. In short, a big point in common that we have :)

Although her consulting work takes most of her time, she manages her online store and the rest of the time, she devotes to her family and other personal activities.

The creation of Chitou and Co

"The idea of ​​Chitou & Co. came to me from a statement when I returned to Senegal: quality tea is RARE and EXPENSIVE and often offered by major international brands. So I found my niche, and I spent several months to mature my project, find suppliers, and make all the necessary steps to create my business. "

Having always wanted to be an entrepreneur, Aissatou had several projects in her notebooks, but they were never clear enough to start. After making her statement on tea and developing her idea, she added other elements such as notebooks and pens, chocolate etc ... This is how the shop became a concept store around relaxation with the main product: tea.

The main challenges

Because she wanted to have a wide variety of teas, the regulatory aspect was one of the first challenges. Since the products she wants to offer are certified organic and often comes from all over the world, it was necessary to obtain authorizations for the manufacture of food products. And she wants to present 18 different flavors, so she needs need a license for each one of them.

The costs associated with the entire process in addition to the product itself are the most complex part, as for each new product, she must follow the same long path.

Also, the lack of suppliers especially for packaging is another challenge. This aspect is very important for her because it reflects the value of the brand. This is another challenge because it is mostly imported.

Always looking for solutions, Aissatou has started a great collaboration with the Association of Handicapped People of Ouakam for handmade paper bags.

Personally: the lack of time between work, her one year old baby and a business to manage alone (logistics, design, packaging, accounting, etc.). Organization is essential to be able to manage everything and have time for herself.

Inspiration and collaborations

"My first source of inspiration are my clients, especially the first ambassador, Kiné from Kakes Shop. From client, she quickly moved to muse, and then partner with cross offers between our products. Between tea and cakes, it’s not too complicated. "

She also works with Madnomad, Araame Gift Ideas, Kelluwurus and soon with Bouquet Gourmand.

Her two favorite bloggers and sources of motivation are So'Fatoo (article here) and Aistou Cuisine.

"You do not sell tea, you sell an experience" -Madnomad

Next for the brand

Her medium term goal is to become the reference in the sale of chic and cozy teas and accessories in Senegal and also to have a physical shop. Other projects are also on the way.

"I advise all those who wish to become an entrepreneur to start because it is a great experience on all levels. And no matter where you go in life, it's worth spending your time or even stinging with time. The difference between millionaires and the poor, scholars and the ignorant, the athletes and others lies in the way of investing one's time and perseverance. "

« Time is like a sword, either you cut it or it will cut you ».

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