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Updated: Nov 19, 2022

I hope everyone is starting a great week!

For those who don't follow me on instagram (@ama_elle), I recently went to Senegal, and I had the opportunity to discover La Maison de Beauté Chic et Simple *.

I had a great moment there and I fell in love with the place and the owner, a person as beautiful on the inside as on the outside! You can see our makeup session on video.


Bruckia, who is Senegalese and Gabonese, did a master's degree in logistics but she went for the entrepreneur's life, and she has been in fashion and beauty since 2014. For the record, she went from makeup artist to owner of the Beauty House Chic and simple.

«It all started when I was a bachelor student. I opened my Facebook page, I called my friends to do their makeup and a little brother photographer, and Chic & Simple makeup was born! Then I started working with professional photographers, I also did makeup for the TFM channel for a game show that no longer exists today.

Then people started talking about my work and that has grown my reputation. Indeed, I was very active on the networks: Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.

"I think my followers mostly like the fact that I'm on my own it's that value more. "

The collaborations that have marked me the most are with Nespresso, Vogue, Sophie Zinga, Mac Cosmetics and more.

As for the "Maison de Beauté"(litteraly means House of Beauty), I wanted something different from what is offered on the market. I just wanted to treat my clients whom I call "chic girls" like the queens they are by providing them with tailored service and feeling right at home.

To better understand what the beauty house does, we are specialized in image consulting.

Our concept is tailor-made in both makeup and hairdressing. In addition to hairdressing and makeup, there is a showroom where you can shop for fashion and beauty clothes and accessories. Basically we can do a makeover from head to toe.

There are also masterclasses and private sales. A big advantage is that you can discover new brands, local or African sub-region , both in terms of make-up, clothing, bags and accessories.

The Beauty market in Senegal

Senegal is not only a land of opportunity, but also when you have a foreign origin, people are very reluctant to be offered new things. They prefer what they already know.

"There is nothing easy, on the contrary it has to be difficult to have not only a great testimony but also great victories. "

As a woman, you have to put in more effort because you are generally stereotyped as a woman having to be in the kitchen, a stay-at-home mom or just depend on a man. What I do not encourage because today there is no small profession.

The mission of the Maison de beauté

One of my biggest goals is to have the best impact on women so that they leave zero to heroines.

The second is always to do better by persevering while putting God first.

The project that is close to my heart is to export the beauty house.

One last advice

Believe in God, in yourself and not neglect what God has put in us in order to impact not only our generations and those to come.

Also the day we plant is not the day we harvest. Be patient. Run at the pace given by God.

Finally just pray!

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