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Cereal House

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

The holy month of Ramadan is about to begin for the Muslim community. This post is timely because now is the time to organize for the "kheud" and the breaking of the fast. If you also want to keep a healthy diet and not get carried away by hunger pangs, these products are for you.

Let's discover Cereal House

It is in fact a young Senegalese company which mainly processes and markets local and imported cereals.

I find the idea behind it simple and important: to change the image of breakfast in Senegal by bringing better hygiene to life.

In addition, their products are aimed at everyone, including diabetics, children, those who want to watch their diet, etc: : granolas made in Senegal with our local cereals and now a new range of products: Arraws de Haby

FYI: what are granolas?

Granola is a mixture of oil seeds (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews) and possibly oats and honey.

The woman behind the idea

Behind this great initiative, we have the founder Adja Boudy Kanté or Ms. Diagne who tells us more about the journey so far.

With a master's degree in environment and sustainable development, she works as a digital manager in a local communication company.

“It all started with my gluttony and my desire to change my diet, starting by abandoning white bread, so I became interested in granolas. And those in supermarkets did not meet my expectations in terms of nutrition and especially sugar. With a lot of research, I started making my own granolas and 3 years later I started marketing them. "

Not having done any studies in this field, a project like this does not get started easily, because you have to learn everything. In addition, resources are not necessarily easy to find for orientation. Hence how long it must have taken to get started.

"The main goal is to make granola known to as many Senegalese as possible so that they can adopt it. "

In the short term, the objective is to integrate the supermarkets with their products and in the long term, to have Cereal Houses in the sub-region and internationally. In the meantime, you can follow them on their platforms and get their products for your greatest happiness and support them!


Tel : +221773924893 - +221773704782

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