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2021, Here we are!

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

2020 was a challenging year for a lot of people, and we learned to live differently, to switch plans when life doesn't go as planned.

I was the first one to say , 2020 will be THE YEAR (like every 1st of january, lol). And i tdid start great though. We just did not expect the tsunami that would take the world down not even 3 months later.

With the containment in place, the more time I had, the less I got busy, especially with the blog. And I did see you guys coming back to visit the blog every week without new content.:/ I do apologize for that.

People that are consistent with their blogs/content, hands down! It's hard mayyyn! lol

Please do send me feedback on what you want to see more here, and share the content you like, it does help to stay motivated! :)

I'm not gonna list what I've learn because it will probably be redundant for a lot of you.

I just want to be grateful. Grateful for getting though the year with all the bull***t going around. Grateful for having strong people around me, so when the earth shake beneath my feet, I can count on them.

One thing to do, is to make a list of what you are grateful for, and pray, not just to always ask, but sometimes, just to say thank you.

Happy New Year 2021, a little bit late :)


Dress by Madeleine d'Arabie, at Sassychic Boutique

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