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2020 Challenge

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I took the time to take care of the blog (my bad :/ )

The reasons are simple, I chose to focus 100% on my professional project and reach my goals so I can restart the activities of the blog. So I was almost never at home, just to get some sleep and start the next day.

But when it is nature itself that puts the pause button, we can only stop. I think everyone is living more or less the same thing with this forced isolation due to COVID19.

It’s very sad but I hope at least everyone is well and protects themselves as best as they can during this global crisis

While staying home, I will take back the activities of the blog, and oh Lord I missed it :)

So thank you for visiting the blog and welcome again in this space!

And thank you to everyone who comes to take a tour every day, from all over the world!

In short, 2020 is a real roller coaster for the moment, so let’s make the most of the situation!

I'm celebrating my birthday during this quarantine, I took the opportunity to make you a short video. Don't forget to subscribe on Youtube to see the new videos to come!

The glass half full

This "quarantine", although difficult for most people to stay confined between 4 walls with the same person (s), can be a blessing.

We always complain that we don't have enough time….

We have time to rest, to recharge;

We can finally start or finish this book that we have left in the corner of the room for months;

We have time to really talk to the people we care about, real conversations;

We can attack that project or business plan that has been postponed for so long;

We can take the opportunity to create new sources of income / side deals and have time to develop it;

We can stop unnecessary spending and money can stay in our bank account or wallet.

You should know that at the end of the COVID19 crisis, there will be 2 types of people:

The victims who will suffer the consequences and repercussions without being able to recover before long

Proactive people who will minimize this impact on their lives and even use it to their advantage to hatch

Let's all try to be in the second category!


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